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2022.10.20 Thu


Takuya Osawa’s Japanese paintings, which continue to create new techniques, and the sophisticated interior design of German luxury furniture brand ROLF BENZ will be presented at the “Crossing Drops” exhibition.

(Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka; Representative Director: Masanori Miwa), in collaboration with ROLF BENZ TOKYO, is pleased to announce the exhibition “A Drop of Crossing,” which will feature Takuya Osawa’s Japanese-style paintings that fascinate the world and the modern interior design of the luxury German furniture brand ROLF BENZ. The exhibition will be held at Rolf Benz Tokyo, the only flagship of Rolf Benz in Japan, from October 20 (Thursday) to November 1 (Tuesday).


Name|”Crossing Drops”


Dates|October 20, 2022 (Thu) – November 1, 2022 (Tue) *Closed on October 26 (Wed)






Address|Almost Blue A Building, 4-6, Minami-Aoyama 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo


“Crossing Drops”


The title of the exhibition, “Crossing Drops”, represents the harmony between the German luxury furniture brand “Rolf Benz” and Japanese painter Takuya Osawa’s concentrated skills.


Hideki Yukawa, the first Japanese Nobel Prize winner, wrote in his book “The World in a Book” that “Nature creates curves and man creates straight lines. In his book “The World in a Book,” Hideki Yukawa wrote, “Nature creates curves and man creates lines.


In “Integral,” the symbolic work of this exhibition, straight lines created by man-made structures and curves existing in the natural world are superimposed in the same painting. Osawa’s paintings, which evoke nostalgic landscapes, are based on the techniques of lacquerware and traditional Japanese painting, but he seeks out and incorporates new techniques to harmonize the two.


The human body also has countless curves. Rolf Benz” furniture, which is the result of meticulous calculations using the latest engineering technology as well as manual processes, brings harmony with people in the midst of linear architecture.


German craftsmanship and Japanese traditional culture. A drop of condensed technology of each country creates a ripple on the surface of the water, intersects with each other, and spreads out to a greater extent. Please experience the harmony of the drops that cross over countries and resonate with each other.


During the exhibition, a special event, “Autumn Tea Ceremony,” will be held with Ms. Machiko Hoshina, a tea ceremony master. Ms. Hoshina was born into the Hoshina family, a family of feudal lords descended from the Tokugawa shoguns, and grew up in an environment where the tea ceremony has been practiced for generations. He has extensive international experience and is a bilingual (Japanese-English) tea ceremony navigator who conveys the Japanese spirit in English. Please enjoy a cup of tea, prepared in a very special space.


Artist Profile


Takuya Osawa

Japanese Painter


Born in Saitama in 1979. He majored in Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts and later earned a doctorate from the same university.


He overlaps motifs of the natural world with urban landscapes and paints shadows of trees shimmering on the surface of water, and his brushstrokes reveal the mental landscapes that have blended into people’s minds.


He is remarkably interested in materials and techniques, and creates his own soft colors by crosstalking ancient Japanese lacquer and Japanese painting techniques, giving the viewer the pleasant illusion of seeing illusions.


He is also tireless in his exploration of new techniques, such as layering layers of foil and mineral pigments, and cutting foil on top of paint. Some of his representative works adorn the walls of the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto, Tokyo Kaikan, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, and Raffles Hotel in Shenzhen, among others.


Special Event “Autumn Tea Party” – Mindfulness for Contemporary People


As a special event during the period, a once-in-a-lifetime tea ceremony will be held at Rolf Benz Tokyo on Wednesday, October 26, inviting Mr. Soshin Hoshina, professor of Urasenke tea ceremony, as the master of ceremonies.

Guests will enjoy a modern update of traditional cultural hospitality in a refined setting with Rolf Benz’s interior and Osawa’s artwork.

*English is available. We look forward to welcoming guests from overseas.

Reservations required. For details, please inquire from the Rolf Benz Tokyo website.

Date | Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Time | 13:00 / 15:00 / 18:30 90 minutes for each session *Time for viewing artworks will be provided.


Teishu: MACHIKO HOSHINA MACHIKO, Professor of Urasenke Tea Ceremony

Bilingual tea ceremony master. A descendant of a family of feudal lords since the Edo period, she has organized many international events. She widely communicates the spirit of Japanese culture both domestically and internationally.

Tea ceremony master. Professor of Urasenke tea ceremony. Instructor of English tea ceremony classes at the International Chado Cultural Association.

She has held many tea ceremonies on international occasions such as summits.

She is also dedicated to passing on the culture of chanoyu to the younger generation through chanoyu. She is the author of several books, including “English DE Chanoyu – What to do in such a situation? and “As It Is, As It Is: Tea in Our Lives. She is also the author of “The Tea Ceremony at the Tea House.

She is the founder of the project for the restoration of old Imari at Roßdorf Castle, the representative director of ROIP Japan, and a special collaborator for the special exhibition “Old Imari across the Sea: The Tragedy of Roßdorf Castle, Vienna” (2022). She discovered Ko-Imari, a war legacy lying in an old Austrian castle, and led an exhibition and traveling exhibition that attracted 40,000 visitors nationwide.

Her special program (NHK World) is being broadcast in 160 countries around the world.

Her family of birth is the Hoshina family, former feudal lords and former viscounts. Mother of three children. Presides over Charen.




Rolf Benz was founded in 1964 by Rolf Benz in Nagold, southern Germany. It attracted attention when it introduced the world’s first corner sofa. Since then, it has been a leading German luxury furniture brand that offers timeless designs in line with the lifestyle of the times, the highest comfort, and the highest quality furniture “Made in Germany”.


ROLF BENZ TOKYO is the world’s first officially certified Rolf Benz flagship store, based on the “Global Flagship Shop Design” announced by Rolf Benz for the global market in order to further advance as a lifestyle brand.




Address Almost Blue A Building, 4-6, Minami-Aoyama 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone number|03-6419-4321

FAX number|03-6419-4322

Closed on Wednesdays (except national holidays)

Business hours|11:00-19:00

Access|Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Chiyoda Line “Omotesando Station

8 min. walk from Exit A5 10 min. walk from Exit B3

Official website|

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