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|| Vision

Vision Vision


| Bright and peaceful future with Art

We carefully create attractive places and opportunities to exhibit and present art works. This is how people meet, connect, deepen mutual understanding and begin to associate with each other through art. We believe that it will bring a brighter future beyond the city, the country, and the world.



| Connect people with power of Art

There are overflowing challenges of humankind such as economic warfare , issues of nuclear weapons, terrorism, environmental pollution, and religious controversies. We believe that if people who grew up in various regions and environments can understand different culture and reach out to others, this is the way to solve those problems. Art has the power to break the language barrier, connect us, and evoke our emotion. We create a place for people to connect with art.


|| Services

| Art Media

We introduce the works of contemporary artists who are currently active and provide information on their exhibitions. Please contact us if you would like to be listed.

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| Event Creation

We offer a variety of art projects to meet the needs of our clients, and are involved in the execution and management of these projects. Please feel free to contact us.

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| Art Project

We manage Japanese and international contemporary artists. We are involved in planning, production and management of art projects, sales of artworks, production of promotional materials and portfolios, handling of interviews, media PR and attracting customers, delivery of artworks, and all other art-related matters.

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