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2021.10.22 Fri


“A tree with strong roots” We are pleased to announce that it will co-host with ROLF BENZ TOKYO the exhibition “A tree with strong roots”, a collaboration between the innovative world-first art of Masa Hayami, a Multidisciplinary digital artist and life activist, and the interior design of Rolf Benz, a German luxury furniture brand. The exhibition, “A tree with strong roots,” will be held at ROLF BENZ TOKYO, the only flagship store in Japan, from October 22nd, to November 23rd.


【Overview】 Theme|Masa Hayami × ROLF BENZ TOKYO “A tree with strong roots” Dates|Friday, October 22nd – Tuesday, November 23rd Time|11:00am-7:00pm Press: October 22nd 11:00am-7:00pm / VIP: October 23rd 11:00am-7:00pm


*Reservation in advance is required to avoid prevent the spread of the COVID-19. please visit the website above for reservation. RESERVATION


Venue|ROLF BENZ TOKYO Address| 6-4-6 Minami Aoyama,Almost Blue Blvd A, Minato-ku, Tokyo


■Announcing the latest work from ROLF BENZ for the first time in Japan Armchair “ROLF BENZ 594 In addition, side tables and sideboards are also announced at the same time.


In this exhibition, each of the three floors of the ROLF BENZ TOKYO will have a different theme, and the collaboration between art and interior design will be displayed.


On the first floor, Masa Hayami will present and exhibit her new project; “Human Record Project”, a series of works focusing on diversity and humanity which is for the first time in the world.


On the second floor, Masa Hayami will create the essence of ROLF BENZ with her “J Caliabstract” expression, which combines calligraphy and digital art.


On the first basement floor, Masa Hayami will use materials from ROLF BENZ products, photographs, and paintings to create a one-of-a-kind art.


Masa Hayami Multidisciplinary digital artist / Life Activist


Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. She attended to an international elementary school school and went to England for college. Since her youth, she was raised in an international environment with people of many different races and nationalities. She has adopted Eastern philosophy and focuses on humanity. She tries to see what is underneath of what seems to be happening on the surface of things, and pursues the depth and profundity of substances. The practice is confronting herself deeply which is like a training. Her challenge is to get rid of the global barriers and to take social approaches.


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ROLF BENZ Rolf Benz was founded in 1964 by Mr. Rolf Benz in Nergolt, South Germany. The company drew attention by introducing the world’s first corner sofa, and since then it has been one of Germany’s leading luxury furniture brands that offers timeless design, the highest comfortability, and the highest quality suited through out time.


ROLF BENZ TOKYO is the world’s first officially certified Rolf Benz flagship store based on the “Global Flagship Shop Design” that Rolf Benz introduced to the world market in order to make a further leap forward as a lifestyle brand.


ROLF BENZ TOKYO Address|6-4-6 Minamiaoyama, Almost Blue Bldg.A, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Phone Number|03-6419-4321 FAX number|03-6419-4322 Closed on Wednesdays (except holidays) Business hours|11:00am-7:00pm Access|Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, or Chiyoda Line. 8 minutes walk from Exit A5 10 minutes walk from Exit B3


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Announcing the latest work from ROLF BENZ for the first time in Japan


ROLF BENZ pioneered the furniture industry for 55 years by not only creating new trends, but also created many iconic pieces of furniture. The RolfBenz “594” designed by Sebastian Herkner is certainly one of these pieces. The curved upholstery of the armchair requires a high degree of precision and craftsmanship. The back shell is designed to surround the person, allowing one to sit comfortably and lean against the left or right corner. The seat is well cushioned, intentionally creased, and the piping quality prove the great quality of this armchair in detail. Other new products such as side tables and sideboards will also be introduced.


Armchair “ROLF BENZ 594” W820×D910×H1120mm

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