Religion:Buddhista and Tao philisophy
Occupation / activity, etc. : Artist
Age: 20s

1. この世で一番大切だと思うものはなんですか?

What do you think is the most important thing in the world?


2. “生きる”という事、“存在する”という事は、あなたにとってどういう事ですか?

What does “living” and “existing” mean to you?


For me living means to exist in the present moment, reconnect with your breath and the subtle energies of the natural
world around oneself.

3. あなたにとって、命とはなんですか?

What is “life” for you?


Life is a series of events passing both in the past and in the present / future.

4. あなたにとって、人間とはなんですか?

What is a “human being” to you?
What kind of creature do you think humans are?


Humans are animals who forgot their true duty and connection to mother nature and natural being.

5. あなたにとって、お金とはなんですか?

What does money mean to you?


Money is just a false distraction, it has no true value or meaning to me.

6. 日々生きる為、生きていく為に、大切にしていることはなんですか?

What do you value in order to live every day?


I value my breath, my life force, my energy, my family. The trees, sand, rock, dirt, sun, clouds, air, animals.

7. コロナ、パンデミックになって、物理的な変化はありましたか?

Due to Cov19 and this pandemic, what are the physical changes you had or have?


This situation has been a true awakening to revealing the way that we as humanity are over consuming resources and how much we have lost touch with the true healing power of nature energy / god.

8. コロナ、パンデミックになって、精神的な変化はありましたか?

Due to Cov19 and this pandemic, does it affect you mentally? How does it affect you mentally?


In a way it has only made my true beliefs more strong. This awakening is a way to come to terms with oneself – let go of fear and reliance on petty things like money and jobs and refocus on our spiritual energy beyond our fullest worldly

9. コロナ、パンデミックが明けたら、最初にやりたいことはなんですか?

What do you want to do first when this pandemic is over ?


This situation is not going to just end unfortunately – this is the beginning of a long stream of manipulation seen in the news – from the governments, pharmaceutical companies, vaccinations and corrupt belief systems that have created this.

10. 色々制限されたりするパンデミックの中、自分なりの時間の楽しみ方や工夫、楽しみにしている事があったら教えてください。

Please tell me how you enjoy your time, ingenuity, and what you are willing to do in order to enjoy in this pandemic that is restricted in various ways.


My life has not changed much – during the beginning I was not working – but I’m a freelance artist so I’m very used to having a lot of freetime and being able to use that time to create and enjoy life to its fullest. Life is work, and work is life.

11. あなたの夢、これから達成したい事、頑張っていることはなんですか?

What are your dreams, what you want to achieve, and do you have something you are working hard on ?

12. あなたにとって、“寿命”とはどういうものですか?

What does “life span ” mean to you?


A life span is a concept to divine a boundary of one’s lifetime – it’s important to try to live your life beyond this boundary of time – it’s important to understand the limitations of your time here now, but also to understand that there are more life spans beyond this one. The life and chi will become the next life and so on – infinitely expanding like solar systems in space.

13. 自分を簡単に一言で表現すると?

How would you describe yourself briefly?


I’m a child, i’m a fighter, i’m an artist, i’m a father, i’m a teacher, i’m a student…

14. 質問に答えた日にちを書いてください。

Please write the date when you answered these questions.


Sept 1, 2021