Religion: Catholic
Occupation / activity, etc.: Real Estate Investments
Age: 60s

1. この世で一番大切だと思うものはなんですか?

What do you think is the most important thing in the world?


Love: And by love I mean the Greek meaning of “agape” which is selfless love for another person without seeking any gain for oneself. Easy to say; hard to do.

2. “生きる”という事、“存在する”という事は、あなたにとってどういう事ですか?

What does “living” and “existing” mean to you?


Living means to be fully engaged in life proactively engaging with others and yourself; doing good for others and yourself. Existing is simply the coming together of a billions of atoms and molecules whether it be a rock, an animal or a human

3. あなたにとって、命とはなんですか?

What is “life” for you?


For me, life has three basic elements: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Living our life means to take these three elements to do well for oneself, for others and the world. Each of us has a different purpose and therefore we take those three elements and use them differently and make choices as to each. Of course, we all screw up and hurt ourselves and others from time to time. But that is part of the learning process.

4. あなたにとって、人間とはなんですか?

What is a “human being” to you?
What kind of creature do you think humans are?


We are physical, mental and spiritual creatures. We are unique in that we are a bit different from other living things, including animals, because we have the ability to self-reflect about ourselves in an infinite number of ways, and to always ask “Why” about anything.

5. あなたにとって、お金とはなんですか?

What does money mean to you?


Money is one of many tools in our life to help us live our life (as I note above) doing well for oneself, others (family, friends, the poor, suffering and all others)  and the world. Like anything else money can become an addiction or an attachment—or a basis  for envy going both ways.

6. 日々生きる為、生きていく為に、大切にしていることはなんですか?

What do you value in order to live every day?


Since I am 65 years old, I am more aware of our finiteness in this world. Living in Japan I am probably good for another 25 years or so on this earth. What I value is spiritual, mental and physical health and making sure that I take care of each of those every day and devote time to each every day so this becomes habitual. I am a Catholic but a weird Catholic being much more focused on Cistercian/Camaldolese and centering prayer spirituality. I believe that once we consent or assent to God transforming us into God then we will be transformed by God- so my favorite breath prayer is from the words of John the Baptist speaking of himself and Jesus “You much increase; I must decrease.” Se we end up, as St. Paul says; “it is not me but Christ in me”—easy to say but harder to do and to constantly allow God to work in us and through us. I know that I am very imperfect and continue to be imperfect—often making poor judgments and decisions but gradually learning from my experiences.
It is also very important to get out of our comfort zone- to take on new challenges, think and act outside of the box. I have too many peers who just shut down because they think they are getting older, etc. haha—doing weird things is fun sometimes as people will just say – “that oji-san is a weird guy.” Finally, I am more willing to be available to help and mentor others without pushing my ideas on them but rather being a listening post a resource or guide if asked.

7. コロナ、パンデミックになって、物理的な変化はありましたか?

Due to Cov19 and this pandemic, what are the physical changes you had or have?


Covid19 made me much more focused on building my physical health and immune system. It was clear that certain issues such as diabetes, obesity, respiratory disease increased the likelihood of serious sickness or death from Covid. So I made a point of working out, walking every day,  focusing on a keto diet, intermittent fasting program, lowering my body fat percentage  doing Wim Hof breathwork with cold showers for immunity and respiratory improvement,  and daily meditation (which changes one’s  neural systems).

8. コロナ、パンデミックになって、精神的な変化はありましたか?

Due to Cov19 and this pandemic, does it affect you mentally? How does it affect you mentally?

最初の頃は、日本でも世界でも破滅や敗北が迫っているような雰囲気があり、かなり落ち込みました。しかし、私たちはこの世界に順応し、私は楽観主義者なのです。 前向きに考え、自分のため、友人のため、そして仕事のために、この状況を回避する方法を考えました。一人暮らしをしているので、最近は人との親密な肉体関係や触れ合いが恋しくなっています。2014年に妻を亡くしたので、他の人とデートをしていても妻の親密さが恋しくなります。ある女性と交際したこともありますが、お互いに違う国にいるので、一緒にいることができませんでした。いろんな意味でとても悔しいですね。居酒屋、寿司、花見など、この日本で友人と定期的に交流できないのも寂しいですね。Zoomはそういったものを楽しむのには不十分で、たいていはビジネスに関連したものです。最後に、アメリカでは3人の学友が新型コロナウイルスにより亡くなりました。とても悲しく、落ち込んでいます。

At the beginning, it was quite depressing as there was a atmosphere of impending doom and defeat in Japan and in the world. But we adjust and since I am on optimist.  I look forward and thought of ways to work around it for myself my friends and in my work. Since I live alone, I miss close physical intimacy and touch with others these days. My wife died in 2014 and so I miss that intimacy even though I have been dating. I have had a relationship with a woman but we are now both stuck in different countries so it is impossible to be with each other. Very frustrating in so many ways!!   I am also sad  not to be able to socialize with friends on a regular basis here in Japan- enjoying izakaya, sushi, hanami, etc. Zoom calls are not sufficient and are usually business related. Finally, I have had three schoolmates die of COVID in the US. Very sad and depressing.

9. コロナ、パンデミックが明けたら、最初にやりたいことはなんですか?

What do you want to do first when this pandemic is over ?


Travel to Hawaii for a relaxing holiday and then visit family in mainland US who I have not seen for over two years.

10. 色々制限されたりするパンデミックの中、自分なりの時間の楽しみ方や工夫、楽しみにしている事があったら教えてください。

Please tell me how you enjoy your time, ingenuity, and what you are willing to do in order to enjoy in this pandemic that is restricted in various ways.

毎日朝5時45分には起床し、7時30分頃まで仕事や米国への電話をし、その後9時頃まで自宅でトレーニングや呼吸法をするなど、時間の使い方がかなり整理されてきました。日米の仕事は午前中に多くこなし、ミーティングがある場合は午後の早い時間帯に行うようにしています。できる限り歩くようにしています。 午後は、本を読んだり調べ物をしたりして、午後5時頃にはヨーロッパに電話をかけます。午後7時には、夕食を食べてリラックスし、読書やテレビ(NetflixやHuluなど)を見て、午後10時には就寝します。自然の中に身を置くことは素晴らしいことなので、長野、山梨、そして静岡でもハイキングをしています。自然の中に身を置くことは、私たちの健康にとても大切なことだと思います。

I have become much more organized in the use of my time getting up by 545AM every day and doing work and making calls to the US until about 730AM and then work out and do breath work at home until about 9AM. I do more work in the morning with the US and Japan business and if I have meetings I try to do them in the early afternoon. I try to walk whenever I can.  In the late afternoon, I read some books or research and at around 5PM I make calls to Europe. By 7PM, I eat dinner, relax, read or watch television (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and get to bed by 10PM. Otherwise, I have been doing more hiking outside of Tokyo- being in nature is great so I hike in Nagano and Yamanashi and a bit in Shizuoka. I think being in nature is very important for our healthy.

11. あなたの夢、これから達成したい事、頑張っていることはなんですか?

What are your dreams, what you want to achieve, and do you have something you are working hard on ?


I really enjoy my work in real estate and we have been working very hard on several large projects despite the pandemic that if we succeed will be great accomplishment and a whole new business. My dream is to accomplish these projects over the next few years and then devote more time to helping others, charity and some travel. I know that I will never fully retire- it’s too much fun!

12. あなたにとって、“寿命”とはどういうものですか?

What does “life span ” mean to you?


Life span is much more than the day we were born and the day we die. Life span is the period of time when you can live your life as fully as possible under the circumstances that have come your way. If you are disabled in any way you can still live your life fully. Indeed, a person with Alzheimer’s can live their life fully in their hearts and with the people around them. The sad part is that some people just give up, become angry or bitter,  or close in on themselves—that’s when their life span ends even if they are on earth much longer.

13. 自分を簡単に一言で表現すると?

How would you describe yourself briefly?


A wandering pilgrim (haha—maybe a ronin) blessed by God, family and  friends who have always shown me new paths and walked with me on those paths. I would never have guessed as a 3rd generation Irish American from the Bronx, NY that I would be in Japan and Asia! Still wonder WHY!

14. 質問に答えた日にちを書いてください。

Please write the date when you answered these questions.


August 22, 2021